The Laboratory for Lacanian Politics

The Laboratory for Lacanian Politics

The London Society announces a new initiative: The Laboratory for Lacanian Politics in the UK. This initiative responds to the recent and unprecedented mobilisation of psychoanalysts in the France and to Jacques-Alain Miller's declared intention of "making psychoanalysis exist in the political field". To this end he has created a series of networks to forge new alliances and support the political actions of psychoanalysts across Europe and beyond.

In the first instance, the Laboratory for Lacanian Politics will seek to assemble all those with an interest in the intersection between psychoanalysis and politics, with a view to launching a series of workshops designed to extract the operative principles for a viable politics of Lacanian psychoanalysis. We seek to create a research network across the disciplines to help us assemble the relevant materials for the task of a psychoanalytical reading of the co-ordinates of contemporary civilisation.

This process has already begun.

We held our inaugural event on Saturday, the 8th of July 2017, with the participation of Gil Caroz (former President of the European Federation of Psychoanalysis). The event was very successful and marked by a lively exchange of ideas. We will be following this up with more events this year.


Workshop – Saturday 10th March 2018
Lacanian Politics and the Impasses of Democracy Today

The latest issue of the Psychoanalytical Notebooks is due for publication at the beginning of March under the theme: "Lacanian Politics and the Impasses of Democracy Today".
This issue will make available in English for the first time a collection of selected texts and articles at the forefront of defining the stakes of Lacanian psychoanalysis in the contemporary political field.
To celebrate this publication, the Laboratory for Lacanian Politics will be hosting a workshop on the afternoon of Saturday 10th March.
We will be welcoming a range of speakers involved in the production of this issue to present extracts from these texts and to highlight some of the key themes for discussion.
Speakers include Bogdan Wolf, Roger Litten, Philip Dravers, and Janet Haney, Regional Representative of the Euro-Federation of Psychoanalysis.
We are also pleased to announce the participation of Adrian Price, English translator of the Seminars of Lacan, including most recently Seminar X on Anxiety and Seminar XXIII, The Sinthome.
He will be presenting material from his current work on Lacan's Seminar XIX "... ou pire" under the theme "Brotherhood and Segregation".
The workshop setting promises to provide the platform for yet another engaging and stimulating discussion within the framework of the Laboratory.
We invite your participation in this important work.

Saturday 10th March
14.00 – 17.00
Gordon Room
Senate House
University of London

Admission: £15/£10 Students


Massenpsychologie A marathon reading.

A joint venture with the Freud Museum, the Laboratory of Lacanian Politics is proud to present a Marathon Reading of Freud's 1921 text Massenpsychologie – Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego. If you would like to take part, please contact Janet Haney (see member's page for details).


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