Psychoanalytical Notebooks #30
Special Issue
Contemporary Lacanian Clinic
(A case based discussion group).

The Jouissance of the Body of the Parlêtre
Extract from "The Unconscious and the Speaking Body"
by Jacques-Alain Miller.
Nine Lacanian Lessons
An Introduction to the Teaching and Clinic of Jacques Lacan
Conway Hall, October 2015 - July 2016
The Speaking Body is Today's Unconscious
Psychoanalysis in the 21st Century

Discreet Signs on Ordinary Psychosis
10th Congress
of the WAP
25-28 April 2016.
Hotel Sofitel - Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
NLS Congress 2016
in Dublin
2nd and 3rd July 2016.
The Printworks, Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland.
The function of the pass in the formation of the analyst
A Seminar with Veronique Voruz
Recently nominated Analyst of the School (AE)