London Society of the New Lacanian School Programme 2018-2019

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The Formation of the Analyst: Analysis, Supervision, Pass
With special guest Bruno de Halleux
Saturday 24th November 2018 - 11:00-17:00

LS2 Seminars on the NLS Theme: Urgent!

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LS2 Seminars on the NLS Theme: Urgent!
Saturday, 8 December 2018

LS2 Seminars on the NLS Theme: Urgent!

The London Society will be holding the second in its series of LS2 Seminars on the NLS theme – Urgent! – on Saturday, the 8th of December, with another double session, this time featuring Susana Huler and Vincent Dachy.

1) Susana Huler – "The Time of Urgency. The Act" (2-3.30pm)

2) Vincent Dachy – “Psychoanalysis in Institutions: what Possible Consociations?” (3.30-5pm)

Time: 2-5pm
Venue: Room G04, 43 Gordon Square London WC1H 0PD

In our first session, Susana Huler will give the second in her series on "The Time of Urgency. The Act". In this seminar, she will discuss Chapter V of Seminar IV on Object Relations, entitled: “On Psychoanalysis as Bundling and its Consequences”, where Lacan speaks of a celebrated case involving a patient who dreams of Fly-Tox. The logics and the erotics of time will appear in the responses of the patient to his analyst.

In our second session, borrowing a term from ‘political science’ that refers to “a political system formed by the cooperation of different, especially antagonistic, social groups on the basis of shared power”, Vincent Dachy will explore the possibility of working psychoanalytically in institutions, and in particular in institutions that are either not particularly open to a psychoanalytic approach or even decidedly hostile to it. In exploring this topic, he will ask what possible relation or rapport there can be between the analytic discourse and institutions driven so completely by the goals and directives of management or to put it otherwise – what possible intercourse can there be between the discourse of psychoanalysis and that of management culture?

Advanced tickets £20, with £10 tickets for students under 27 (Student Card and ID required).
Tickets: £25 at the door or £15 for a single session.


LS2 Seminars on the NLS Theme: Urgent!