London Society of the New Lacanian School Programme 2018-2019

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LS2 Seminars on the NLS Theme: Urgent!
Saturday, 10 November 2018

LS2 Seminars on the NLS Theme: Urgent!

1) "The Time of Urgency – The Act" with Susana Huler (2-3.30pm)

2) The Argument, the Preface & The Lacanian Review (TLR), issue 6 (3.30-5pm)

Hour: 2-5pm
Venue: Room G04, 43 Gordon Square London WC1H 0PD

In our 1st session Susana Huler (AMS) will give the first in her series of seminars on "The Time of Urgency – The Act". In this first seminar, she will explore the logics of time and the erotics of time.

The 2nd session will feature the first of a series of seminars based around TLR6, containing a selection of essays on the theme of Time and Urgency. This session will be led by Philip Dravers and Janet Haney, both of whom were involved in the production of TLR6, which will launch the weekend after in Paris. To give the participating audience a chance to read the material in advance, we will be focusing on "The Argument"  (available on the LS & NLS Websites by clicking the link to the Congress), the existing translation of Lacan's "Preface to the English-Language Édition if Seminar XI", and "On the Subject Who is Finally in Question", from the Écrits. Though substantial in content, all of these texts are prefatory in one form or another and together amount to less than 15 pages in length.

To obtain a copy of the reading material for the first session click here.