Membership of the London Society

The London Society is an affiliated Society of the New Lacanian School and the World Association of Psychoanalysis. It offers a space of formation that supports the transference of those who desire to know more about Lacanian psychoanalysis. Membership is rooted in a desire to be part of the work of the Society and a demonstration of transference to the work of the Lacanian School.

Becoming a member is a process that commences with involvement in the work of the Society, whether through attendance at the working activities of the Society or through active participation in the work of cartels. Ratification of membership is a two-stage process involving a formal interview with one or more members of the Bureau of the Society, followed by a second encounter with a member of the Executive Committee of the New Lacanian School. In due course, members of the Society can go on to become members of the New Lacanian School and the World Association of Psychoanalysis.

Members of the Society currently pay membership fees of £200 a year, entitling them to access to all the activities of the Society as well as copies of the Psychoanalytical Notebooks and the Lacanian Review. Members of the Society who are also members of the NLS and the WAP pay further annual membership fees to these two bodies.

Those wishing to take part in cartel work should contact our cartel co-ordinator, Peggy Papada, at

The Current Bureau of the London Society comprises:
Roger Litten as Chair,
Peggy Papada as Secretary,
Philip Dravers as Treasurer.

Members of the London Society

(NLS) = Member of the New Lacanian School as well as of the London Society
(AS) = Analyst of the School
(AMS) = Analyst Member of the School