The Contemporary Lacanian Clinic (CLC)

Convenor: Gabriela van den Hoven

Picture by VDcollective ©

Admission: £10 for non-members of the LS-NLS

The CLC is a case based discussion seminar directed at those interested in developing their skills, building case presentations, and furthering their knowledge and understanding of the contemporary Lacanian clinic.

One or two cases are discussed in any one session. The complexity of the case material varies, as does the level of expertise of the presenter. Requests from associate members of the London Society of the New Lacanian School (LS-NLS) will receive special consideration, as clinical presentations are a key element of progress towards full membership of the LS-NLS.

Each panel comprises at least one analyst/therapist who is willing to present a case and two discussants (i.e. the analyst convening the course and an invited discussant). Case presentations are prepared in advance and the presenter will have the opportunity to access tutorial guidance prior to the public presentation.

Please note, however, that attendance at this seminar requires registration prior to the event. Please email to express your interest and to supply any relevant background information. If you have previously registered, there is no need to register again. Certificates of attendance will be given to you upon request.


Upcoming dates for the CLC

27 Oct 2018 11:00-12:30
There will be a meeting of the CLC as part of our study day on Neurosis Today (see programme page).
Case Presentation: Susana Huler
Discussant: special guest Yves-Claude Stavy
This session of the CLC will be chaired by Gabriela van den Hoven.
Room G04,
43 Gordon Square,
For this event it is requested that all those wishing to attend email Gabriela Van den Hoven at the email address above.

Fee: £10 advanced booking; £15 on the door