Psychoanalytical Notebooks

#31 | 2016

"Brief Encounters"

Psychoanalytical Notebooks #31


Editorial, Roger Litten


  • Judith Miller, The Next Stage of PIPOL
  • Pierre-Gilles Guéguen, Ten Axioms
  • Jean-Daniel Matet, New Relations to the Clinic and to Interpretation
  • Francisco Hugo Freda, “The Way of the World”
  • Jacques-Alain Miller, Towards PIPOL 4


  • Manuel Fernández Blanco, Citizen-Symptom
  • Bernard Porcheret, CPCTs: A Political Initiative Against Segregation
  • Vicente Palomera, Actuality of Rapid Therapeutic Effects
  • Philip La Sagna, From Isolation to Solitude
  • Dominique Laurent, The Demand for Symptomatic Desegregation
  • Monica Marin, Interpretative event
  • Xavier Esqué, The Future Commands the Present, A Reading of the CPCT Experience
  • Francisco Hugo Freda, Three Questions for Francisco-Hugo Freda, First Director of the CPCT
  • Catherine Lazarus-MatetPoetry as Treatment for the Precariousness of Being


  • Lilia Mahjoub, Overture
  • Pascale Fari, Paying to speak?
  • Nicolas Jude, “I am the Fearful One in the Family”
  • Claude Quenardel, A Solution to Emptiness
  • Beatriz Gonzalez, A Piece Missing from the Puzzle
  • Liliana Salazar Redon, A Dry Heart
  • Laura Sokolowsky, The Woman-with-Languages
  • Pierre Naveau, The Mystery of the Speaking Body
  • René Rasmussen, The Concert of the Real: Paul Celan and his “Todesfuge”

Poetry Rubric, David Berridge