Psychoanalytical Notebooks

#25 | 2012


Psychoanalytical Notebooks #25


  • Eric Laurent – Autism and psychosis: further dialogue with Robert and Rosine Lefort
  • Jean-Claude Maleval – Why the hypothesis of an autistic structure?
  • Eric Laurent – Spectres of autism
  • Myriam Perrin – Construction of an autistic dynamic: From the extractor fan to the washing machine
  • Enric Berenguer & Mariela Roizner – On route to speaking; speech taking shape in autism
  • Hélène Deltombe – From autism to speech
  • Corinne Rezki – A sinthomatic invention, what is that?
  • Eric Laurent – Autism: epidemic or the ordinary state of the subject?
  • Eric Laurent – Research and punish: ethics today
  • Sylvie Dagnino – A week with ABA
  • Pierre Naveau – The man who couldn’t get up in the morning
  • Dinorah Otero – Attachad(a)
  • Claire Hawkes – The man who came in from the cold
  • Anne Lysy – Knowing how to do with one’s symptom
  • Véronique Voruz – Ethics and morality in the time of the decline of the symbolic
  • Kjell Soleim – Symptom formation in the case of a killer
  • Bogdan Wolf – Politics of the unconscious: from the paradoxes of psychoanalysis to the ethics of the symptom
  • Susana Huler – True or real
  • Vanessa Place – Here is a joke
  • Véronique Voruz – L’autiste et sa voix by Jean-Claude Maleval
  • Ian Parker – The subject of psychosis: a Lacanian perspective by Stijn Vanheule