The Laboratory for Lacanian Politics

The Lures and Logic of Democracy Today
Seminar 9th December 2017

The Laboratory for Lacanian Politics has been established as a space in which we can elaborate and construct a psychoanalytic discourse capable of addressing the pressing political questions of our times.

These questions are currently being pursued along two broad axes. On the one hand, we have posed the question of the political today. How are we to situate the stake of contemporary politics in all its forms? How are we to account for the erosion of the traditional political discourses and establish the conditions for the renewal of a political discourse better aligned with the world we inhabit today?

On the other hand, what is the position of psychoanalysis in relation to these questions? What can the Lacanian discourse contribute to a reading of the real at stake in current political developments and to the construction of a more valid political discourse better aligned with that real?

Taking up some echoes from the recent Turin Forum organised under the auspices of the Euro-Federation of Psychoanalysis on the theme Decided Desires for Democracy we will consider how Lacanian psychoanalysis allows us to respond to the current political and social reconfigurations that we see underway all around us.

Taking the theme of the crisis of democracy in the contemporary era as our initial point of focus, currently being played out in our own country as well as in other countries across Europe, we will continue to develop this work, inviting the participation and contribution of all those who have an interest in pursuing these questions with us.

14.00 – 17.00
Saturday 9th December 2017
Bloomsbury Suite
Student Central (ULU)
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HY

Admission £10 at the door
For more information consult