The Speaking Body is Today's Unconscious
Psychoanalysis in the 21st Century

Seminar 1:
Professor Pierre-Gilles Gueguen (Paris 8) – The Body and the Imaginary: The Case of Francis Bacon

Pierre-Gille Guéguen's talk discusses the art of Francis Bacon in the context of his relationship with his 'symptom-partner' Georges Dyer. The talk is oriented by conceptual innovations, such as the sinthome, introduced by Lacan in his teaching in the late 1970s.

Pierre-Gille Guéguen is a psychoanalyst who lives and works in Paris. He is a member of the École de la Cause freudienne.

Welcome by Gabriela van den Hoven (Chair, London Society of the New Lacanian School):

Introduction by Véronique Voruz (Dept. Psychoanalysis, Kingston University, London):