Knottings Seminar – Making School

On Saturday 20th of January 2024, the London Society will be hosting its annual Knottings Seminar as part of its preparations for this year’s NLS Congress, The Clinic of the Gaze. This year we will be joined by Patricia Bosquin-Caroz, current Vice-President of the NLS. The Knottings Seminars provide an excellent occasion for newcomers and those not as familiar with the School’s structure to be exposed to the lively and diverse way of working across the Schools of the NLS.
‘Making School’ will be held in the morning, and we will discuss the Note on the Traversal of the Transference, a section from Chapter II of Jacques-Alain Miller’s book, How Analyses End: Paradoxes of the PassPatricia Bosquin-Caroz will introduce the topic and there will be short presentations by members of the London society, Gabriela van den HovenSophia Berouka and Peggy Papada.
In the afternoon session there will be two clinical case presentations, one by our invited guest, Sarah Birgani, member of the Vienna Initiative, the NLS, and WAP, and the second, local case presentation, will be by Juana Cavaliere Silva, member of the London Society. Our discussion of these cases will be guided by the theme of the next NLS Congress.
The Knottings Seminars aim to bring together and strengthen the working ties between the diverse groups inscribing themselves within the New Lacanian School (which includes 12 European countries as well as Israel, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, and Australia). A group, society or initiative invites a member from another group within the NLS, as well as a representative of the NLS Executive Committee, to collaborate around the theme of that year’s annual Congress.
This event is OPEN TO ALL and will take place in-person at the City of Westminster Archives Centre, 10 St Ann’s Street SW1P 2DE .