“The Incorporation of the Voice”-NLS Seminar with Sophie Marret-Maleval AME

"The Incorporation of the Voice"-NLS Seminar with Sophie Marret-Maleval AME

This is the third in our series of NLS Seminars preparing our way towards the 19th NLS Congress on “The Bodily Effects of Language”.

In this third instalment of our series, special guest, Sophie Marret-Maleval—who is an AME and member of the ECF and NLS and also the Director of the Department of Psychoanalysis at Paris VIII—will speak to us about “The Incorporation of the Voice”, tracing out the importance of Lacan’s definition of the voice as an object and its role in forging the always singular knotting between the body and language. To illustrate her exposition of this crucial aspect of our theme, our speaker will examine the certain biographical details linked to the lives and works of three notable singers: pop star Jim Morrison (The Doors), the famous tenor Jonas Kaufman, and the strange case of Florence Foster Jenkins, an opera singer with ‘no voice’ to speak of at all.

For multiple resources on this theme and the opportunity to register for the Congress itself please visit the NLS Congress Website at: https://www.nlscongress2021.com/home-en.

For the recent issue of the Psychoanalytical Notebooks devoted to texts by Sophie Marret-Maleval, click on the relevant page of our website.


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