Its interpretation and use in lacanian treatment


One spends one’s time dreaming, one doesn’t only dream when asleep.”
– Jacques Lacan, “The Moment to Conclude”

“Dream: Its Interpretation and Use in Lacanian Treatment” is the theme that the World Association of Psychoanalysis has chosen for its biennial Congress. The challenge is to account for the contemporary practice of psychoanalysts of the Lacanian orientation in relation to dreams. This Scilicet thus aims at the heart of analytical practice. Its aim is to bring out into the open the way in which dreams are analyzed in treatments today. Thus, dear reader, you will be able to know how dreams are interpreted and what use is made of them in the treatment.

This is the eighth volume in the Scilicet series, the title of which is taken from the review created by Jacques Lacan, which addressed each reader with the words – “You can know”. Scilicet is an essential tool in the service of the exposed knowledge of psychoanalysts and is mobilized for each Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP).

In the opening section, we are delighted to bring to the readers of this Scilicet volume a text by Jacques-Alain Miller: “Awakening”.