The Laboratory for Lacanian Politics

Invitation to the Launch of the Laboratory for Lacanian Politics in the UK

With the participation of Gil Caroz
Ex-president of the EuroFederation of Psychoanalysis

There is a new movement afoot in Lacanian psychoanalysis. Following the success of the political campaign against the rise of the far right in France, we are witnessing the creation of a network of initiatives for the political action of psychoanalysis in various countries across Europe and further afield.

These various initiatives find their lodging in the formation of a new network created by Jacques-Alain Miller, the Zadig Movement (Zero Abjection Democratic Group). This network has the objective to support the local initiatives of Lacanian psychoanalysts in finding new ways to insert themselves into the pressing questions of current civilisation without losing sight of the specificity of the analytic discourse. It is in the gaps apparent in the contemporary discourse of the master that we will seek ways to make the voice of the Lacanian orientation heard.

In the first instance, the Laboratory for Lacanian Politics in the UK will seek to assemble all those with an interest in the intersection of psychoanalysis and politics. We will be launching a series of workshops designed to extract the operative principles for a viable politics of Lacanian psychoanalysis today. We seek to create a research network across the disciplines to help us assemble the relevant materials for the task of a psychoanalytical reading of the co-ordinates of contemporary civilisation.

The main invited speaker at the launch will be Gil Caroz, previous president of the Euro Federation of Psychoanalysis, who will help us to trace some of the developments that have led us to this point and to situate as precisely as possible the stake of Lacanian psychoanalysis in politics today. There will be multiple other interventions, the opportunity for discussion, debate and dissention, and the invigorating possibility to be part of a new endeavour that brings the clinic, politics and epistemology of Lacanian psychoanalysis into confrontation with the challenges of our times.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Roger Litten
Director - LLP

8th of July 2017
The Gordon Room
Senate House
Malet Street