The Psychoanalytical Notebooks of the LSNLS

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The Psychoanalytical Notebooks aims to reflect and develop the Lacanian orientation in the English-speaking world and constitutes an important aspect of the continuing work of the London Society of the NLS. Each issue is devoted to a specific theme and contains commentaries and contributions from the members of the School and LS-NLS.

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Alphabetical list of all the articles that have appeared in the Psychoanalytical Notebooks Nos. 1-29

New! Psychoanalytical Notebooks Live! A new series of readings from the published texts.
The first is a recorded reading Lacan's British Psychiatry and the War (republished in PN33) read by cartelisands in India and Europe on the 75th anniversary of VE Day, 8 May 2020.

NEW!!: #34 | 2019
Paradigms of Jouissance

We have compiled a series of three texts selected from Jacques-Alain Miller’s interventions on Lacan’s teaching. This provides reference points to Miller’s trajectory through questions arising from Lacan’s three decades of teaching. Six Paradigms of Jouissance – published here in a new translation – helps us locate the core question in both theory and clinical practice: the relation between signifier and jouissance. In Milanese Intuitions and A Fantasy (in new and revised translations respectively) Miller clarifies how Lacan’s work meets the subjectivity of our time by turning over (and over) the question of the unconscious and politics. Each text, in its own way, reminds us of the necessity of reconceptualising and reinventing psychoanalytic practice in the era of globalisation ... and beyond...


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#33 | 2019
The Real and the Social Bond

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#32 | 2018
Lacanian Politics and the Impasses of Democracy Today View Summary BUY NOW