London Society of the New Lacanian School Programme

Neuroses Today 2 – with Yves-Claude Stavy
Saturday, 11th May 2019, 11.00-17.30



As a follow-up to our first Workshop on Neuroses Today, held in October 2018, we are pleased to announce our second Workshop on the theme of The Desire of the Analyst with guest speaker Yves-Claude Stavy

“The analyst’s desire” is a term proposed by Lacan in the course of his reading of the clinical works of the post-Freudians and their emphasis on countertransference. Despite fast colonisation of the psychoanalytic field by the notion of countertransference, Lacan questioned it by highlighting the imaginary register within which the couple transference-countertransference was situated(1). His work on the symbolic as made up of signifiers and as constitutive of desire led him in a different direction. First, he interrogated the imaginary couple transference-countertransference not as a universal theory but in the clinical work of the analysts in the 50s and 60s, one by one, case by case. He then highlighted the ways in which they engaged in exchanges of feelings, emotions and anxieties in their work with analysands. It is here that Lacan introduced the analyst’s desire as both an “obstacle” and as “inescapable”(2). In effect, he stressed that the object a,that preoccupied him in the Seminar on Anxiety, had in fact two functions: one, of causing anxiety through the image in which the analyst can be captured by the analysand and, two, of causing desire that is not a desire of the impossible. What modality of desire, then, is the analyst’s desire? In what way does the analyst’s desire run across the field of the Lacanian orientation and in what way is it articulated with the real?

These are some of the questions we will be raising during the Study Day with our guest speaker Yves-Claude Stavy, Psychoanalyst, Member of the ECF, Psychiatrist and founder of the IHSEA in Paris.

Bogdan Wolf

The event will start with morning two clinical presentations given within the framework of our Contemporary Lacanian Clinic. It will be chaired by its director Gabriela van den Hoven with Yves-Claude Stavy providing commentary and acting as a discussant. To attend the morning session, which is for clinicians only, please visit the CLC Page of our website or, if you have not yet registered with the CLC, please contact its director to express your interest ([email protected]).

In the afternoon session, open to the public, there will be a keynote presentation by Yves-Claude Stavy, introduced and chaired by the organiser of the Study Day, Bogdan Wolf.

To purchase a ticket for the afternoon event, click the link below:



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