Clinical Conversation

This is a clinical space reserved for members of the Society. The aim is to maintain an intimate and confidential space where practitioners can present clinical material and discuss the questions posed by contemporary analytic practice. It is in the presentation and discussion of material drawn from their own clinical practice that key elements of the transmission of the Lacanian orientation take place. This transmission can only occur where the practitioner concedes to move from the imaginary place of the one who authorises themselves on the basis of knowledge to a place where they consent to expose their practice and give an account of their act. This is not, however, a place for the supervision of the position of the analyst. Consideration is rather given to the orientation of the treatment via the construction of the case material. With the aid of a different invited extimate each time we seek to extract the challenges at stake in any particular treatment and to elaborate some of the key references for the orientation of Lacanian analysis today.

We will have four Clinical Conversation meetings in 2021-22 with the following discussants:

  • 23rd October 2021: with Neus Carbonell 
  • 27th November 2021: with Alexandre Stevens 
  • 29th January 2022: with Gabriela Medin 
  • 28th May 2022: with Marina Frangiadaki 

The clinical material should seek to highlight aspects of the working theme of either the NLS or AMP Congresses. Currently responsible for the Clinical Conversation: Gabriela van den Hoven and Roger Litten