Cartel Study Day

With Joanne Conway, NLS Cartel Delegate

2nd October 2021 (14:00-16:30)

When Lacan created his School in 1964, he also invented the cartel, one of the school’s basic organs and a device of formation. Far from any idea of hierarchy, anyone – newcomers, beginner analysts, experienced analysts – can form a cartel, since a cartelisand is simply someone with a desire to work on a question or subject of interest.

Three or four people, and the plus-one, all animated by a desire for work, choose a common theme, trait of work for each one, and structure (modality, frequency and duration). The function of the plus-one is there to support and orient the work around the project called ‘psychoanalysis’ through a process of ‘sustained elaboration’. It is very important that the cartel is registered with the NLS cartel catalogue, and is knotted when the work begins. The effects of this experience are palpable for those who undertake it, and it often leads to a singular production, a writing to be transmitted to the community that is the School.

In recent years, the Cartel Study Day has been inaugurating the series of activities of the London Society for the forthcoming year. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to attend this special event on the 2nd of October, not only for those who wish to work on a theoretical concept or a clinical question, but for anyone who is interested in Freud and Lacan.

Our presenters will be:

Ludmila Malischevski
Roger Litten
Juana Cavaliere
Evangelina Bailo
Scott Wilson
Catherine Alexandre

We will also have the chance to learn more about cartels in a question and answer session where you can ask any questions you have about cartels – chaired by Joanne Conway, the NLS Delegate for Cartels.
See you on the 2nd of October!

Registration is FREE and open to ALL


Sophia Berouka & Oriol Cobacho, LS-NLS Delegates for Cartels