Cartel Study Day – October 2022

Cartel Study Day

Cartel Study Day 2022 With Marina Frangiadaki, NLS Cartel Delegate

With Marina Frangiadaki, NLS Cartel Delegate

Lacan wanted the training in his School to hinge on three elements: personal analysis, supervision, and the cartel device, a group consisting of three or four, Plus-One. Lacan privileged the latter over seminars, lectures or other forms of formal teaching, as the proper tool of elaboration of a knowledge that suits a psychoanalyst.

In the cartel, cartelisands are called to put something of their unconscious at work and link it to the collective. They are personally implicated in the study and knowledge at stake in each of their chosen questions, but they are not all alone: a cartel is not a closed group, it is not without the Other of the School, which is why the knotting with the School at the start of a cartel matters so as to facilitate a knowledge distinct from that produced in a closed group.

In a cartel, knowledge remains incomplete, animated and in movement, not without subjective effects for each member who engages in this operation. Joining a cartel is open to anyone interested in Lacanian psychoanalysis and a point of entry to the working community of the NLS.

The NLS Cartel Delegate, Marina Frangiadaki, will help us explore some of these subjects. We will have a chance to listen to six cartelisands, sharing their work with us on the day. Our presenters will be: Eva Bailo, Maria Dimou, Alasdair Duncan, Janet Haney, Peggy Papada, and Amal Wahbi.

At the end of the event we will allocate time to answer your questions: joining a cartel, finding others, selecting a theme of study, school registration and anything else you want to know about cartels.

See you on the 15th of October at 2.00pm!

Sophia Berouka & Oriol Cobacho, LS-NLS Cartel Delegates