Cartel Study Day

6th October 2018 (2-6pm)

Are you interested in reading Lacan, working on a seminar, a theoretical concept or a clinical question?

Join us on 6th October to hear more about the work done in cartels, Lacan’s methodological innovation and primary mechanism for the study of psychoanalysis in a way that introduces and sustains an awakening, insofar as each cartel member’s desire for knowledge is called upon.

The study day consists of a highly varied programme of brief presentations whereby each participant will say something about the “bits of knowledge” they have gained via their work in their respective cartels.

The event will be chaired by Vincent Dachy, member of the London Society and the New Lacanian School.

We are delighted that Patricia Tassara, current Analyst of the School (AS) will be returning to London, to participate in our study day with a presentation on the role of the Plus one.

Towards the end of the day, there will be opportunities to form cartels, either towards this year’s NLS theme Urgent! or other topics of interest and why not by “random draw” for those who dare to bet on surprise. Anyone who is interested in reading Lacan can participate in cartels.

Please contact Peggy Papada for any queries related to this event or to cartels overall at [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you there

Are you interested in reading Lacan, working on a seminar, a theoretical concept or a clinical question? Are you new to the Lacanian orientation of psychoanalysis and want to find your way into learning more about it or studying it more methodically? Working with others in a cartel might be what you are looking for.

Lacan established the cartel device at the same time he created his School. What is it that makes the cartel so fundamental and central to our orientation?

To learn more about cartels join us for our special event on the 5th of October, about this Lacanian innovation and crucial device for the study of psychoanalysis.

There will be an opportunity:
a) to hear the product of various cartels and discuss the elaborations of cartel members:
“Time in Psychoanalysis” – Oriol Cobacho
“The Logic that Haste Determines” – Henrik Lynggard
“Psychoanalysis and Truth” – Nikos Skarvelis
“The Political Economy of Jouissance” – Scott Wilson

b) to learn more about cartels in a question and answer session on cartels where you can ask all that you ever wanted to know about cartels – chaired by Frank Rollier, the NLS Delegate for Cartels.

c) and finally, to hear an introduction to the NLS 2020 theme on Interpretation: from truth to body event, by Frank Rollier. This is a theme that we will be developing throughout the year, as we’ll be working towards the next NLS congress to be held in Ghent on 26 and 28 June 2020.

You can read the orientation text to the theme, by Eric Laurent, on the NLS website: as well as Bernard Seynhaeve’s argument which emphasizes that the analyst interprets with his body.

This is an opportunity to remind everyone that the start of the year is a great time to form a cartel. The plus-ones of cartels need to register new cartels, as well as those continuing for a second year, so that they can appear in the 2019 cartels catalogue. Plus-ones are invited to register their cartels on the NLS website using the cartel declaration form.

Please also keep in mind the « 4 + one », the NLS cartels’ Newsletter, the latest issue (No12) of which has just been published and you can find here. In this issue you will find the incisive and beautiful text Patricia Tassara presented to us here in London at our cartel study day last year, in which she speaks about the elusive function of the Plus One. « 4 + one » offers a fantastic opportunity to disseminate the work done in cartels.

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Peggy Papada, Cartel coordinator & Secretary of the London Society
[email protected]