The London Society of the New Lacanian School
The Lacanian Review

#01 | 2016
Oh my god(s)!!

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The Lacanian Review
It's all kinds of new!

New? Well, not so new – the journal of the New Lacanian School continues on from Hurly-Burly and stimulates debates around the main events of our working community.
New? Well, yes, very new – it is now also the Anglophone Journal of the World Association of Psychoanalysis and contributes to a worldwide debate between the Schools affiliated to the WAP
How new? Well, absolutely new – in its content as well as in its aim and presentation.

Oh My God(s) !
All over the world, religions have become a prominent topic causing pain, casualties and blood. What does psychoanalysis know about Gods? What can other forms of knowledge teach psychoanalysis about religions and their subjective manifestations, such as faith? What effects do scientific developments have on religions and beliefs? Is Science replacing belief with certainty? Conversations, articles, interviews are presented here to help clarify the modern mutations of religions and their subjective effects. A solid knowledge made out of the advances in different scientific fields.
The general conversation in The Lacanian Review is vital for the psychoanalysist to know "the whorl into which his era draws him in the ongoing enterprise of Babel". And, today, the English language is a Babel all of its own

OMG! All That New? Yes – Lacan keeps on being new, no matter how many times you read him. Opening this first issue you will discover:

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Marie-Hélène Brousse, Chief Editor
with Véronique Voruz, Managing Editor, & Colin Wright, Deputy Managing Editor.