2nd Preparatory Event Towards PIPOL 10

2nd Preparatory Event Towards PIPOL 10

Preparatory Event of the London Society of the NLS towards PIPOL 10, the 6th European Congress of Psychoanalysis

Building on our event last month with Domenico Cosenza, President of the EuroFederation of Psychoanalysis, we will continue our work towards PIPOL 10 with another preparatory event on the 26th of June, just a week before the congress! There will be interventions by: Eva Bailo, Neus Carbonell, Andrea Maldonado, Cecilia Naranjo, Peggy Papada and Bogdan Wolf.

Join us for this morning of work as we are making our way towards the 6th European Congress of Psychoanalysis. PIPOL brings together the 4 European Schools of Psychoanalysis (New Lacanian, School, École de la cause freudienne- France, Escuela Lacaniana de Psicoanalisis – Spain, Scuola Lacaniana di Psicoanalisi – Italy) and a large community of practitioners oriented by Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis. It is a European congress in 4 languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish with simultaneous translation.

PIPOL 10 will be held online on 3 & 4 July, 2021. Saturday is dedicated to case presentations in small “rooms” with mixed languages. On Sunday there will be round tables, orientation texts, testimonies of Analysts of the School. Jacques-Alain Miller will be present to chair a table on the question of gender and in particular gender dysphoria. No doubt the theme of PIPOL 10 “Wanting a child? Desire for family and clinic of filiations” resonates with all the questions debated by psychoanalysis and society at large, as Dominique Holvoet, Director of the Congress, put it in his progress report on preparations for PIPOL 10, given in April. A shorter, edited version of this interview has just been posted on our own YouTube Channel. Click HERE to watch it.

Register for the PIPOL 10 Congress here: https://www.weezevent.com/pipol-10

Visit OMBILIC, the congress blog for orientation texts, videos and other resources.